Top 10 Tactics For Promoting Your Site Online For FREE

These Are The Top 10 Tactics for Promoting Your Site Online for FREE. For most business owners, getting a free traffic for their site is probably the biggest question.

With following those tactics, I can assure you, that your site will get free exposure and will generate new potential clients for your online business.

#1 – Enlist Your Web Site

With so many hot & free internet directories, you can bet that when signing up to those directories and putting your site details on them, you will get noticed. This is probably the easiest and most effective way for free web site promotion.

#2 – Become a Friend of Forums

There is no better way to say it – Forums are free! Today you can find a forum almost for any topic or audience niche that you like. With shearing information with the forums audience you can get free traffic to your site and benefit from it in a way that you never seen before.All you need to do is to locate your designated forum (type in your favorite search engine, “Your Topic + Forums”), log in and start posting content.

Inside Tip: Add a unique signature to every post with direct link to your site.

#3 – Write an Article

As you can see, writing articles and submitting them to the biggest articles directories, will be a great way to promote your site online. In case your site is offering a special product or service, then simply write a small review on the product and don’t forget to place a link to your site.

#4 – Write a Press Release

Well, it’s not as difficult as it sounds… Do you find yourself explaining to your potential clients what’s your business is all about? I’m sure you do.

A press release is pretty much the same, but only online. Inside Tip: Write 2-4 sentences on your business / product and send it to your friends and family. Ask them to pass it on to their friends and family…

#5 – Use Social Media

You probably have a private profile on Facebook or other social network (Twitter, MySpace etc). Well, why not open a profile for your online business as well?

You can harness the power of social media networks to promote your site online for free of charge. Getting more friends = more free exposure to your site!

#6 – Open a Blog

This is one of my favorite tips. With great systems for blogging such as Blogger and Word Press, anyone can open a blog and start writing on whatever he likes.. Did I mention that opening a blog is free?

#7 – It Pays Off To Be Nice Online

Funny thing is the Internet, you can meet people from all over the world, open new bridges for your business and even better, you probably can be assisted by those people for promoting your site online. Be nice online. Make new friends (site owners) and ask them to link to your site from their site. It will bring you immediately new free traffic and most likely will assist you on Google ranking.

#8 – Banners Are Not Dead

This is a tip that most business thinks it’s reserved only for paid traffic. It’s not. Make a banner ad, and ask your other online business to swap with their banner ads. Both of you will get new traffic resource to your sites.

#9 – Webinar and Online Tutorials

There are so many free online webinars that will give you new information (and free) on how to promote your business online. Most of them will give this free online course, simply for you to sign up to their newsletter. It worth it…

#10 – Let Everybody Know About Your Online Business

This is probably the best and most common way for getting free promotion to your site – simply talk about it. After all, word of mouth is worth a lot, and everybody is doing it.

Add your web site URL for your print and business card, mention your site in daily conversations and let the traffic roll by itself.

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